Cemetery Survey – Files

PDF Text files

- Surnames, first names, plot numbers, grid reference

1963 NZ Herald Public Notice
- NZ Herald notice from April 1963 listing headstones which needed work to improve safety, or laying flat, or removal.

Burials from St. Lukes
- Some burials from the parent church went to Rosebank Rd too.

Cremation Plaque Transcripts
- Transcriptions of everything to be seen in 2010, and a few guesses.

Headstone Transcripts - E
- Transcript file of all older memorials.

Headstone Transcripts - No E
- Transcript file of all newer memorials.

Map Grid - E Plots
- File linking older plots with a map location.

Map Grid - No E Plots
- File linking newer plots with a map location.

Record Book Transcript
- Results of the 1965 survey, and everything added since.

- Either stillborn or died soon after birth. Includes a map.

JPEG Image files

Burial Registers
- Some from St Jude’s – 1882 - 1887  and  1928 – 1952.
Church Plaques
- Names of some past parishioners, listing contributions or service.
Cremation Plaques
- Four sets of images of the Cremation Plaques within the Cemetery.
Grass-only Plots
- Some plots have missing markers. Some have never had one.
Headstones - E
- Individual photos of Headstones that existed pre-1965.
Headstones - NoE
- Individual photos of Headstones that are newer than 1965.
Cemetery Maps
- Map images of the cemetery showing plots and layout

Video files

Road Perimiter
- Follows the outside the fenceline of Rosebank Road . Orchard Street.

Cremation Plots
- Moving straight towards the plots, from the entry gate.

East Aisle
- Follows the east aisle, from north to south, ending at the cremation plots.

West Aisle
- Follows the west aisle, from north to south, ending near the gate.

East Fenceline
- Gives the best view of the stillborn plots, as it travels north to south.

West Fenceline
- Listen too for the kindergarten, across Orchard St, learning a tune.